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If we don't enjoy what we do, the creative and communication processes get difficult. 

We enjoy our work and don't take ourselves too seriously.


Our business name includes "Angel" so we stand strong and know integrity builds trust.


We are continuous learners through our own research, services, and industry best practices.


We differentiate our products through our experience and research. We are small so we can move quickly.


GE Women's Network Hall of Fame

GE Women's Network Key Leader

Outstanding Student, Organizational Leadership - Mount St. Joseph University


Create Your Own Mentorship

Mentoring is a powerful career development strategy with multiple benefits including increased advancement, increased job satisfaction, and exposure to influential leaders.


Create Your Own Mentorship is a self-paced program for individual women not in a formal mentoring program, for organizations that do not have a formal program, or for organizations that lack resources to have a large number of people in a formal mentoring program.  We include elements of self-awareness and self-leadership to increase accountability and mentoring effectiveness.  The program includes a worksheet so women leave the session with an outline to get them started.


Create Your Own Mentorship is suited to a workshop, breakout session, or small group webinar.

Build Your Professional Network

For many people, the mental images that come to mind when they think of networking is a room full of people randomly meeting one another and exchanging business cards.  Networking is more than that and can be fun (yes, fun!).


We help women understand when they network, how to network, and with whom they should network.  Build Your Professional Network explores when women should use their network and includes a worksheet so women leave the session with an outline to get them started.


Build Your Professional Network is suited to a workshop, break out session, or small group webinar.

Enterprise Mentoring

Enterprise Mentoring is for organizations that want a formal mentoring program for their female top talent and/or emerging leaders.  Implementing Enterprise Mentoring demonstrates organizational commitment to developing and advancing women as part of an overall talent development strategy.


Enterprise Mentoring is a one-year, comprehensive program that includes training material for mentors and mentees, roles and expectations, mentor/mentee matching criteria, communication for periodic updates, and surveys for the program's beginning and ending.

Start A Women's Affinity Group

Women’s affinity groups/networks are one way women can gain access to leaders with whom they do not normally interact. The group can be a learning laboratory where employees can discuss common topics and ideas. An affinity network can be an organizational recruiting tool, may reduce attrition among female employees, and can improve employee satisfaction.


We can partner with you to create a women's affinity group for your organization. We will help you determine the structure best for your organization, who should lead it, and what events are best for it.


Estimated consulting range: 3-8 months depending on meeting frequency.

Women's Affinity Group Operating Plan

A women’s affinity/networking group is a leadership development strategy, so it deserves a robust operating plan.  If your organization is starting a women's affinity/network group we can help you align the operating plan with your organization’s overall talent development strategy.  If your organization already has a women's group, we can partner with you to review and update your plan.


Estimated consulting time:  1-3 months, depending on your organization and how your women's affinity group operates

Conference Planning

Women’s conferences are a great way to gather top talent, emerging talent, and business leaders for learning and networking opportunities.  They are particularly effective for organizations that have multiple locations with limited face-to-face interaction.


We can partner with you to create a conference that earns high satisfaction scores by working with your planning committee on the theme, agenda, and speakers.  We can provide expert facilitation for panel discussions and workshops.

Custom Research

Your organization has unique needs related to attracting, developing, promoting, and retaining its female talent, and we can assist you.


Our past work includes:  Attrition analysis, hiring slate analysis, representation statistics, and performance review analysis.






I owe part of my success to mentoring and networking.  I led the world's foremost women's network for eight years during my 25+ year corporate career;  working with its female employees around the world to connect them to new ideas, skills, and leaders who could influence their careers.  That experience includes oversight of initiatives for women in technical roles, customer roles,  a scholarship campaign, annual operating plan, quarterly analytics, and a biennial conference for up to 800 attendees.  I liked what I was doing so much, I left that career to start Angel Partners LLC in 2015.  I benefitted from being part of a women's affinity network,  saw other women benefit, so here I am.


My career includes leadership and individual contributor roles in collection and customer service call centers, HR, and six sigma.  I earned Master Black Belt and Black Belt certifications at GE and use a six sigma formulaic approach in designing our services.  I also hold meeting facilitation certification.  My education includes a Master's Degree in Organizational Leadership.  I work in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and through the magic of technology, work with clients anywhere.



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Thank you for connecting with us!  Angel Partners LLC are dedicated to the idea of advancing more women into leadership roles through mentoring, networking, and events tailored to your organization.


We will not sell, loan, rent, share, or otherwise give your contact information away.


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